Talks & research areas

21st Century Skills & Mindset

What are the skills and the mindset you need in the next 3-5 years to be relevant?

Fly through the technological forefront, go behind the scenes of the innovation units of some of the worlds most progressive digital companies and end with advices from our study of Nobel Prize winners about what breakthrough thinking takes in the 2020ies.

Insights from and interviews with Googles Global head of Innovation, X, NASA, Pixar, Stanford University, Institute For The Future, Autodesk at Pier 9, OtherLab and many more.

This talk can be tailormade to look into specific competencies for your organization and team.

The New Ways of Working

How are the worlds most innovative companies working in 2020, in entire new ways? How are they building a digital innovation culture, building creative leadership on a distance and still ensuring high engagement with their employees?

Get the insights and experiences first row from companies such as Airbnb, X at Google, Pixar, Pinterest, LEGO Venture Studio, Soulmachines, Magic Leap and many more. This talk is ever evolving as it is the result of weekly interviews with digital pioneers around the Globe, that is reinventing what work is and can be digitally.

It can be tailormade to focus more on digital leadership, digital innovation culture or the redesign of work from physical to digital.

The NeuroScience of Creativity

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could boost your innovation capability 300% – your productivity 31% and your sales performance 37%? Turns out, you can! Cutting edge NeuroScience can show us entire new ways that we can super-charge our ways of thinking by following strategies. 

This talk will explain with brain science, why sometimes you are just genius and thinking like a rockstar (and other times maybe a little less so). Turns out that when we understand our biochemistry, how our microbiome works and the different neurological states of mind, we can start to understand what high performance, innovation and creativity actually consist of – and how we can get way more of it. 

This talk has two parts:

Your brain and creativity (the NeuroScience behind your states of mind) 

How to shift your gears (the methods, tools and ways you can use for work and innovation)

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